Athlete supervisor

J+S Expert BASPO (J+S= Youth and Sports)
J+S Expert in the development and evaluation of athletes
J+S Kids Expert
Junior Diploma SFV (Swiss Football Association)
Staff “CSR Projekte FC Zürich”

Certified nutritionist
Specialist in nutritional supplements

Athletic and conditioning trainer
Federally certified fitness instructor
Federally qualified fitness trainer

Black Belt Champion

Bootcamp Coach
Fitness Trainer
Personal Trainer

Professionally trained in dance and acrobatics
Athlete supervisor
Owner of Flyingdance (School of Circus Arts)
Coach and choreographer in dance and aerial circus
Cirque du Soleil Artist
J+S Coach

“Dream Team”
Communication Managers
Social Media Managers

World Champion
Black Belt
MMA Coach
Mental Coach

Photography and Directing
Sponsoring & Marketing
Social Media

Athlete Supervisor
Physical Therapist
Sports Masseuse