Schweiz 🇨🇭 Congo 🇨🇩 Turkey 🇹🇷
160 cm
49 Kg


I want to become a professional football player as early as possible. To achieve this goal, I am challenging and strengthening my talent every day. This is the only way I will be able to play in the Premier League or Ligue 1 one day. Another goal of mine is to wear the Swiss national team’s jersey and play for my home country. Like most football players, I dream of playing in the Champions League and scoring goals like my role model Romelu Lukaku.

Xtrem Team:

In the Xtrem Team there are many young athletes who have goals similar to mine. I can exchange ideas and experiences and get advice from my Xtrem team friends. The entire staff takes care of each athlete, individually tailored to their needs. This team is not just about sports. They support us in school and help us combine our professional career with sports as well as possible. The Xtrem Team is a family whom I fully trust.